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Peace Offerings
A Culinary Expression of Love


Peace Offerings is not accidental. It is not something I stumbled upon. Peace Offerings has lived in my inner being since I was a young girl growing up in Albuquerque, N.M. I was the middle of three children. I had an older sister and younger brother both of whom were quite timid and followed all rules. So you can only imagine how my parents dealt with the middle child who was not timid and who has always lived by the motto of “it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.” I’m sure at times they wondered what they did wrong.

Many times they would send me to my Grandmother’s house because she was a bit of a rebel herself. While at my grandmother’s house I found true peace. My grandmother was an independent, hard working, no excuse type of woman. She was unapologetic and I admired that about her. We spent countless hours together, building, creating, laughing, talking and praying. She was “my person”. She taught me to trust, to love, to not set limits and to follow my dreams.

In November of 2018 I became a Lolli (a grand mother). My Sweet Caroline has reignited a fire inside my soul. The legacy of love, trust, dreams, peace and so much more that my grandmother gave me is exactly what I want to pass on to my Sweet Caroline. I want her to always know that Lolli loves her more than life itself and that I would go to the ends of the earth for her.

And that my friends is the oxygen of Peace Offerings. A legacy of love, hope and peace.

Left : My Lolli, Margo   Right : My Sweet Caroline and I after the creation of our business logo

Left: My Lolli, Margo

Right: My Sweet Caroline and I after the creation of our business logo

What created the fire

Growing up as a child, I spent countless hours watching my Grandma Margo prepare amazing foods for our family. She had a 2nd grade education and worked as a housekeeper. My grandma taught me everything I know about preparing and offering delicious food. The most important thing I believe she taught me was to do everything with love and compassion. I truly believe she showed her love through the food she prepared for so many people.

As a child, Saturday mornings were my favorite day of the week. Every Saturday the entire family would gather at her house for a feast. Grandma Margo prepared everything from scratch. She cooked all week to prepare for this one special day of the week. Her specialty was New Mexican cuisine.  And as if that was not enough, she also packed each family a meal to go. 


My Vision

Now that I’ve become a Lolli (Grandma) myself, my vision for my company is to continue this legacy.  I am inspired in every moment spent with my family as we sit around a table.  My hope for Peace Offerings is that it allows me to recreate the love I had as a child.  I can feel the love as I watch my family take each bite of the food I create! I want to share that feeling in every peace of simple, fresh and colorful food.  I truly believe we all eat with our eyes first!  This is one of the reasons I prepare real food in its natural, colorful  state… and I’ve been told, it looks stunning.  As a child, my momma always told me, “stop playing with your food.”  Now, that’s what I do best! I enjoy exploring with the colors, pairing various ingredients and revealing the tasty flavors that you will experience in each offering. 

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"I have been fortunate enough to attend several events recently that Peace Offerings has catered… her culinary talent is off the chart! The food is delicious, artfully prepared, and her presentation is immaculate."

/ Louise Hall, Beaufort, SC /

"Simply the best! Peace Offerings has catered several events for my business and “WOWS” every time! The food is displayed in unique and artistic ways that impress even the most critical eye. Every bite is fresh and carefully prepared. Roxanne listens closely to her clients and is eager to please and palette. Peace Offerings is the ONLY caterer I will ever use again!"

/ Melinda Henrickson, Beaufort, SC /

"Roxanne is a standout in her field. I am a vegan, (although most of my friends aren’t) and she always make sure there are vegan options available, they are so delicious that even my meat loving friends can’t get enough! The colorful, REAL ingredients she uses are show stopping. Keep up the good work Roxanne!"

/  Julie hathaway, Beaufort, SC  /



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