Food Has a Way of Connecting People


The Community Basket is my way of connecting with those who are next door, down the street, around the corner and even sometimes states away.  Food has a way of connecting people. 

The Community Basket project started within my own neighborhood before I became Peace Offerings. Whether I deliver a loaf of the most requested bread, a bag of granola or a box of handcrafted cookies, my neighbors wait in anticipation of what their offering will be for the week.  The smile on their faces and the delight in their eyes fuels my soul.  

Each week I hand deliver the “offering” to the neighbors.  Sometimes in an unconventional manner by leaving it in their mailboxes, but most weeks I will take a quick little walk around the neighborhood to hand deliver.  Many times my granddaughter, Caroline, joins me.  And that is such a thrill for me and also for the neighbors.

I want to teach Caroline that we need to look out for one another and to offer the peace this world needs.


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